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What We Do

We provide exceptional bespoke and independent financial advice to Perth clients.

Who We Are

We are one of a minority of financial advisors and planners in Perth who are completely independent from the banks.

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If you would like independent financial advice, or any further information, please get in touch.

Independent Financial Planners & Advisors Perth

Oak Advisory provide leading independent financial planning and financial advice to those in Perth, without the focus on selling financial products. As a certified financial planner, we deliver ethical, independent and exceptional advice, aligned with your financial circumstances, goals and your best interests.

As an independent financial advisory in Perth, we do not receive any commissions, kickbacks of other conflicted remuneration from financial product providers. Where many financial planners are backed and incentivised by the big banks or insurance companies, operating as an independent advisory means that our only concern is providing exceptional, successful financial advice for our clients.

Oak Advisory work with a wide range of clients; we provide individuals, couples, families and businesses with financial advice. It’s this scope of practice that allows our financial planners to operate with an intimate understanding that every client comes with their own unique set of financial circumstances and goals. For each client, our primary aim is to provide personalised and tailored advice on the best strategies that are going to support successfully achieving desired outcomes.

Whatever it is that you’re setting out to achieve, we’ll provide sound, trustworthy and expert advice and strategy on how we can get you there. Regardless of whether you’re saving for a deposit, looking to purchase property, speed up your mortgage repayments, make an investment or retire comfortably, you’re in good hands when you work the experienced independent financial advisors Perth has to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about our financial planning services in Perth, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Available on 08 6424 8295, our expert financial advisers can provide you with the support that you need to secure your financial future. As an independent financial company, we’re here for you – and you only.




Oak Advisory provides trusted, independent Western Australian financial services supporting strategic management of funds for clients in Perth. Comprised of a team of financial experts, we are committed to delivery exceptional retirement planning strategies and support.

The core focus on providing independent, expert advice at Oak Advisory means that we are able to distance our services from the masses of wealth management in Perth. At Oak Advisory, we strive to deliver customised solutions that our clients can rely on. We’re a tight-knit team of financial experts that are completely independent from the big banks and insurance providers in Australia. We don’t get any kickbacks, and we don’t benefit from any incentives – our core objective is to provide sound, trustworthy and reliable expert financial advice to our clients in Perth.

As a certified financial planner, we recognise that regardless of your financial situation, sound financial advice can transform the way people manage and handle their money. Our expert financial advisors Perth can work with you to break down your financial goals and your personal needs while developing a strategy to successfully reach these objectives. Taking into account your individual situation and what you’d like to achieve, our financial services provide customised financial planning Perth services that are entirely tailored to your money situation, your goals and your best interests.

As an independent financial planning Perth team, we deliver high quality, qualified and impartial advice on wealth management, regardless of your financial situation. Specialising in retirement planning, Oak Advisory financial advisers provide comprehensive professional advice and practical strategies that plan for retirement and protect assets. We’re here to offer transparent, ethical and independent guidance. Where a sales incentive is what drive the majority of financial planners in Perth, we’re here for our clients, and for our clients only.




Oak Advisory was founded on the basis that financial planning Perth and high-quality retirement advice should be exclusively accessible without the sales incentives and kickbacks from a big bank. We believe that it is impossible to provide quality financial services while owned or aligned with a large corporation. As an independent financial advisory in Perth WA, we focus on providing sound, exceptional services in one crucial aspect of financial management – retirement planning.

Operating in the financial industry for a number of years, the Oak team found a gap in the market – specialised financial advisors – and were able to see the benefits of a certified financial planner Perth that focused on one area of financial planning, almost immediately. Whether you are looking for long term advice, help with self-managed superannuation or other retirement related finances, an Oak Financial advisor will help you with your needs.

There are so many avenues of financial planning Perth that it can be challenging to find an expert for what you’re hoping to achieve with a financial advisor. At Oak Advisory, by focusing primarily on long term financial planning for retirement, we’re able to cover all aspects of what it means to strategise and plan for retirement financials.

It’s easy to find a financial advisor Perth WA that dabbles in every type of financial planning. It’s not easy, however, to find a certified financial planner that specialises in a specific aspect of financial management. Rather than working with a financial advisor who may know a little about everything to do with financials, why not work with a team of experts who are passionate, knowledgeable and specialise in the distribution of funds for retirement?




As an independent financial planner, our experts work with each client one-on-one to deliver tailored, personalised financial strategies. At Oak Advisory, you can always count on our certified financial planners in Perth to work with your best interests at heart. We’re here to empower you to successfully manage your funds, to meet your personal finance goals.

We do not have any relations with financial institutions of product manufacturers. By declaring full independence in the financial industry, we are not incentivised in any way to provide our clients with advice other than what is aligned with their best interests. We also do not have any products of our own either – so you can be assured that everything that an Oak financial advisor suggests is without conflict remuneration. Rather, we focus purely on providing sound, expert advice that we believe is only going to benefit you and your future.

Our financial planning is based purely on providing solutions that are entirely tailored to the individual. To us, each client is not just another number – but each client represents a solid relationship with our firm. We strive to create and foster strong partnerships with each of our clients to ensure they feel secure, comfortable and confident in their financial management in Perth.




Financial planning is an important process in understanding and strategising specific areas of your life. Regardless of your income, situation and financial goals, expert financial management can be the difference between your current position and where you want to be. The Oak Advisory team of financial advisors work closely with each client to get an in-depth understanding of personal circumstances and desired outcomes. From there, we work to provide you with the tools to move forward in life, confident in your financial plans and strategy.

Oak Advisory works explicitly in the retirement planning sector. Engaging with a wide range of clients in Perth, our financial advisers create comprehensive strategies, management plans and solutions to optimise retirement funds. To our knowledge, we are the only financial advisor Perth company that specialise exclusively in retirement financial services planning. We don’t dabble in generalist services – we focus on providing quality advice, and we focus on doing it really well.

We strongly believe that by specialising in this field, we’re able to provide a much higher quality of advice than if we offered a scope of services. Specialisation allows us to provide expert advice, confident that we’re delivering value with our services. Having your retirement funds successfully managed by a certified financial planner is imperative to setting yourself up for the future. We recognise these high stakes and are extremely strategic with all of our advisory services – we’ll always do what we can to benefit you, the client.




Finding a financial planner or financial advisor that you can trust can seem like hard work. We get it; there are more than enough ‘financial experts’ claiming to have the key to your financial freedom. A quick Google search reveals that there are advisors and planners in every city of Australia with varying levels of expertise that claim to have a ‘secret formula’.

At Oak, we are a little bit different from the rest. We treat your financial affairs with the same care and due diligence as our personal financial affairs. We are not here to play monopoly or take risks that we would not take with our own hard-earned money. There are far too many ‘cowboys’ out there taking risks with their clients’ money – we are not one of them.

We take the time to understand your financial goals and create a plan to help you achieve them. Each client we work with is unique, which means that we take a bespoke financial planning approach that the big companies can’t match. Considering circumstances such as stage of life, budgeting, superannuation, retirement, estate, insurance, and taxation, we can put together a plan that works for you.

Our personalised financial advice considers your situation and goals to include a comprehensive financial plan that will keep you on the right track. We provide ongoing advice, maintenance, and updates in line with the latest market news to ensure that you are always in the loop.




Working with our financial planners Perth is characterised by a professional, secure and transparent relationship. Your retirement planning and finances are incredibly important – that’s why we’re so committed to providing an exceptional service with our financial planning. When you work with Oak Advisory, you work with real people, where you have real conversations. Regardless of your current situation or your finance goals, our expert financial advisers will be there for you, every step of the way.

Oak Advisory deliver financial advice Perth that will stand the test of time. We’re motivated by making a fundamental difference to people’s finances and their lives. Passionate about providing secure, successful retirement plans, our specialist financial advisors Perth are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to helping you meet your financial goals.

When it comes to financial management, there really is no substitute for experienced assistance from a financial advisor. We develop and deliver strategies every day, that enable our clients to achieve and exceed their goals.

Once we’ve successfully agreed upon a financial plan, we’re here for the long run. Implementing your strategies is easy when you have an expert on side. The beauty of working with an independent financial planning company in Perth is that we can provide ongoing, attentive support while you implement the sound advice from an expert financial adviser. Whether you encounter significant problems or have small questions, we’re always available to call upon when you’re a client of ours. As you continue to move through the different stages of life, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got a team of experts to walk you through every step of your financial plans.

We are always here to guide our financial advice Perth customers on their unique journey. For advice on how to get started or to book a consultation with one of our financial planner Perth experts today, call us on 08 6424 8295. Oak Advisory are pleased to be one of Perth’s only independent financial planners, prioritising those who are looking to optimise their retirement plans. If you’re looking for the most reliable financial advisors Perth has to offer, look no further than Oak Advisory.


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