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How much does independent financial advice cost?

The cost of the advice will vary depend on scope of the advice required, and how complicated your financial affairs are.

The cost of the initial meeting and conducting a high-level analysis of areas you will benefit from financial advice is $275.

As a general guide for somebody with relatively simple financial affairs the initial advice cost would range between $895 for advice with a limited scope, to $3,995 for more comprehensive financial advice.


What is independent financial advice?

Under the corporations act, financial planners are not able to use the words independent, impartial, unbiased, independently owned and non-aligned to describe themselves if they receive remuneration that could put their interests in conflict with their client.

Oak Advisory is proud to say that we:

  • Provide Independent, impartial and unbiased financial advice
  • Are independently owned
  • Are not aligned with any banks, insurers or institutions


What is the process?

Our initial financial planning process generally follows the following steps:

  • Initial consultation(s) and analysis of your financial situation
  • Research, modelling and development of a bespoke financial strategy
  • Strategy consultation(s)
  • Implementation of recommendation


What do I get?

The financial outcomes of our advice will vary depending on your financial situation and our recommendation, however you will get:

  • A bespoke financial strategy designed to put you in the best possible position to meet your financial objectives.

  • Peace of mind that you are making the smartest possible decisions with your personal finances.

  • Peace of mind that you are receiving objective, independent and impartial advice from a financial adviser with no alignment or ties with the banks or insurers.